Posts Tagged halal, An Excellent Resource for Eating Islamically,,  is a great website if you are looking for places to get zabihah food. If you have used yelp, you will find its format very familiar. It gives you tons of useful information about restaurants, groceries and restaurant/groceries. Most importantly, it gives customer reviews written by real Muslim customers. You can find addresses and phone numbers for the locations listed. You can even get an idea of the prices as the site uses a scale with $ being cheap and $$$$ being expensive.

There’s a terrific review for a local favorite of mine, Mediterranean Oasis, It has a rating of 4.9 out of 5.0, based on 12 reviews.

Here’s one review I particularly liked:

★★★★★ Arguably the best halal meat store in Chicagoland – big selection of groceries and meats including the widest selection of halal cold cuts and deli meats that I have ever seen: turkey breast, salamis, pastrami, etc. There’s a small restaurant counter that is better than most full-fledged middle eastern restaurants. Single biggest reason to move to Naperville.  (M.A. Hussain, Lincolnwood, IL).

Before you go out to eat, check out It’s a real timesaver.


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