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Feeding People

Abdul Qadir Jilani – “My way is simply feeding people.”

If you don’t know Jilani, ask your auntie.



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Urdu-English Masala-Spice Chart

Want to cook an authentic Indian or Pakistani meal but confused by all the foreign terms? Perhaps this will help. This is a guide to spices with Urdu and English equivalents.

Urdu name of spice or herb English name of spice or herb
Kala zeera Black cumin 1
Kali mirchi Black pepper 2
Kala namak Black salt 3
Gur Brown sugar (jaggery) 4
Elaichi Cardamom 5
Ajwain Carom seed 6
Dharchini Cinnamon 7
Hara thania Cilantro 8
Loong Cloves 9
Copra Coconut 10
Thania Coriander 11
Sufed zeera Cumin 12
Kuree patta Curry leaves 13
Sonf Fennel seeds 14
Methi Fenugreek 15
Lehssan Garlic 16
Adrak Ginger 17
Hari mirchi Green pepper (jalapeno) 18
Jautri Mace 19
Aamchoor Mango (dry / powdered) 20
Pudina Mint 21
Jauz Nutmeg 22
Kalonji Onion seeds 23
Anar Dana Pomegranate seeds 24
Hush hush Poppy seeds 25
Lal mirchi Red pepper (cayenne pepper) 26
Zafran Saffron 27
Namak Salt 28
Imli Tamarind 29
Haldi Turmeric 30
Chini / Shakkar (White) sugar 31