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I wondered if the casebook writer was playing a joke…

This is the funniest case I have read in law school so far.

terra nullius

“As a lowly chauffeur in defendant’s employ he became in a trice the protagonist in a breath-bating drama with a denouement almost tragic.”

“Somewhere on that thoroughfare of escape they indulged the strategem of separation ostensibly to disconcert their pursuer and allay the ardor of his pursuit.”

“To hold thus under the facts adduced herein would be tantamount to a repeal by implication of the primal law of nature written in indelible characters upon the fleshy tablets of sentient creation by the Almighty Law-Giver, ‘the supernal Judge who sits on high’.”

“There are those who stem the turbulent current for bubble fame, or who bridge the yawning chasm with a leap for the leap’s sake or who ‘outstare the sternest eyes that look outbrave the heart most daring on the earth, pluck the young sucking cubs from the she-bear, yea, mock the lion when he roars for prey’ to win…

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