Introducing “Flawed Muslim”

Hey all,

I want to invite you to visit my latest blog, “Flawed Muslim.” The premise of this blog is that I’m not a hafiz or an alim, but I am willing to do a good amount of research to answer questions that concern Muslims today. The first issue that I plan to write about is how a Muslim should eat. I want to explore topics like fasting, dieting, meat, alcohol, gelatin, and other topics that you, the readers, suggest connected to eating.

When I feel that I have given eating in Islam a comprehensive treatment, the next issue I want to explore is money. How should we make it, how should we spend it, and how should we save it are all issues into which I want to delve. I invite you to subscribe to the new blog,

If you’re a big fan of Asad123’s Weblog, don’t worry – this blog isn’t going to disappear. In fact, there are some new posts in the hopper, so stay tuned.


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