Song Analysis “Save Me” Remy Zero

I feel my wings have broken in your hands
I feel the words unspoken inside and they pull you under
And I would give you anything you want but know you were all I wanted
And all my dreams are falling down
Crawling around and around

[For ten seasons, this song was the theme for the show “Smallville,” a primetime drama imagining Clark Kent as a teenager in the first decade of the new millennium and the choices he makes on the road to becoming Superman. I mention this fact because it’s essential to a proper understanding of the song. “Save Me” is about a hero feeling vulnerable because of his beloved.

The song begins with a line about broken wings. This conveys powerlessness or vulnerability. The series “Smallville” decided to rebuild Superman in a new way. One rule they decided early on was that Clark Kent would not wear a blue suit and a red cape. In essence, the creators of the series “broke Superman’s wings.” At the beginning of the series, Kent did not fly at all. As the series continued, he developed the ability to fly.

The speaker mentions words unspoken but felt. This is similar to the “elephant in the room” phenomenon. Two or more people are thinking about the issue and even though no one mentions it, both can tell from nonverbal cues that the other(s) are thinking about it too.

The speaker has to make a difficult choice – between his dreams and his beloved.]

Somebody save me
Let your warm hands break right through
Somebody save me
I don’t care how you do it
Just stay
Come on
I’ve been waiting for you

[The image here is of a person trapped under rubble or perhaps ice. The line, “Let you warm hands break right through,” is quite poignant. Has the speaker changed or not? Perhaps this stanza is from the beloved, asking for a savior. But perhaps it is the savior asking the beloved for help. I think one can see it either way.]

I see the world has folded in your heart
I feel the waves crash down inside and they pulled me under
I would give you anything you want but know you were all I wanted
And all my dreams have fallen down
Crawling around and around

[Is this cheesy? Okay, admittedly so. But this isn’t just lovey-dovey tripe, there is some artistic value here. The world folded inside the heart is breathtaking. And going back to Smallville, for Clark, Lana/Lois represents the entire human race. (Clark’s first love is Lana, but later he falls for Lois).  He is often aloof from people, even while saving their lives. Yet Lois reminds him of the innocence and spirit of humanity.

But what about these dreams that are falling down? There is a constant tension in the Superman epic between the ego and the superego. The ego just wants to have an ordinary American life. His dream is the American dream. Yet the superego keeps pushing him to strive to save lives, even as it destroys any kind of normalcy he tries to make for himself.)

I’ve made this whole world shine for you
Just stay
Come on
I’m still waiting for you

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Hey asad123 fans, I’m trying out a new feature to this blog. I am pasting links to my song analyses where you can hear the song I have just analyzed in its entirety for free.  Since this is something I am trying out, it’s only available for this post and my most popular post, “Song Analysis ‘Shape of My Heart’ Sting.”

Listen to \”Save Me\” Remy Zero


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