Song Analysis “Ain’t Waiting” Talib Kweli

“Ain’t Waiting”
(feat. Outasight)

Once upon a time in a land far far away
I tried to play but my heart in the way
This part a little harder to say
It’s like a white girl trapped in a well
Help is coming but its scary as hell
But very well here go the fairy tale
Now Cinderella want a fella who is not so ghetto
So she follow bread crumbs like Hansel & Gretel
Hello that’ll make her drop her underwear
Dough longer than Rapunzel hair
Everyone stare when she walk in she like

What you want
Yo I’m not in the front I be blunt my make that a$$ bump
I know thats what they want
Me too with my hands up she turn around like man
Here I am
But I know her from work she pass by like he ain’t that fly you got
One more chance
To fall down the rabbit hole
Let me take you to Wonderland or I’m making some other plans


I don’t wanna spend the night
Trying to figure out how to spend my life
I don’t wanna spend my time
Waiting for you waiting for you
I don’t wanna spend the night
Trying to figure out how to spend my life
I don’t wanna spend my time
Waiting for you waiting for you

Everybody say oh oh oh oh oh
Waiting for you waiting for you
Say oh oh oh oh oh
Waiting for you waiting for you

I made you a star your light was shining its so right
So right that it dwarfed the chicks like Snow White
So nice got down with the team and now you one of us
Got me singing like Prince you sexy motherf%^*^#
You could be my princess bride call you my Buttercup
I love when you letting me be the man
Let me take you by the hand like Wendy in Petter Pan
If you fly by night thats right I’ll let you make a wish
Thats right eat you up like a favorite dish
Man I pray you not the wicked witch

Made it through
A situation where I broke my promise now I’m tryna be honest love
So can you
Sometimes people evolve but that involves knowing exactly
What you want
And right now I wanna [?]
What they want
My life is an open book you had a chapter but will it end happily ever after


Life ain’t a fairy tale
Now they say sister’s bitter and the brothers is grim
Time to let the story end and let another begin
I spun straw into gold like Rumpelstiltskin
Still a hole in my soul that love won’t fill in
She Sleeping Beauty cause her eyes are closed
Tried to sleep on your boy like Briar Rose
Get you wide like the coke in your nose
And I’m lying like Pinocchio
Gotta know when its time to go gotta know when

Here we are
We had some good times had some Little Red Riding Hood times but
Once again
I’m the big bad wolf don’t hit me with the sad look love
Here I am
I’m still the same old me but I don’t know if we should give it
One more chance
To add another chapter life ain’t always happily ever after


[What stands out in this song are the allusions to fairy tales. Look through the song and see how many you can spot.  One that is special to me is The Princess Bride. He speaks of calling a girl, Buttercup, just like the princess of that film, a film I love to watch. One of the more subtle allusions is the one to Alice in Wonderland. He does not mention Alice, but he does mention a rabbit hole and Wonderland. The underlying message in this song is that both men and women often have idealistic views on love, but life isn’t ideal – it’s real.]

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