A Note to English Students

Hey kids, Uncle Asad is going to step up on his soapbox for a minute. I’m not mad. But I do think a warning is in order. I know you’re using this blog to help you with your English homework. If you’re doing a paper where you’re allowed to do internet research and you choose to use my blog as a resource, that’s fine. In fact, I’m sort of flattered that you picked my site out of all the possible sites out there. But if you use my blog, you should cite the URL of this blog. To get extra brownie points, you can put the date you accessed the site and the name of the author, Asad Jaleel, yours truly. However, if you’re writing a paper that is supposed to be your ideas only and you try to pass off my ideas as your own, well then, storms are brewing ahead for you. You’re committing plagiarism and even if you get away with it now, you never know when you might get caught. And that’s a terrible feeling to have. Thanks kids and God bless.

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