Depth in Philosophy

“The similitude of the life of the world is only as water which We send down from the sky, then the earth’s growth of that which men and cattle eat mingleth with it till, when the earth hath taken on her ornaments and is embellished, and her people deem that they are masters of her, Our commandment cometh by night or by day and We make it as reaped corn as if it had not flourished yesterday. Thus do we expound the revelations for people who reflect. ” Quran (10:24)

I think we often forget that plants are alive just we are. It pains me, particularly because I have been a science teacher. Consequently, we are constantly oblivious to the lessons that plants have to teach us.  We see plants grow, bud, flower, wither, die, and then grow again, but we seldom realize that we will do the same.

I recently heard for the first time that at the end of the time of the Dunya (Earth), Allah will send a special kind of rain from the sky. When this rain falls upon the buried masses of humanity, the dead will return to life. Subhanallah (Glory to Allah) !

There are many who believe that this is a lie. That death is final. That there is no resurrection and no soul. If there is no soul, answer me this simple question – what is consciousness? You may know everything about an animal, say the fruit bat. You may know its wingspan,  the articulation of bones in its skeleton, the way it reproduces, even the precise architecture of its nervous system. But what is bat-ness? What does it feel like to be a fruit bat? We don’t know the answer because we don’t understand the consciousness of a fruit bat. And we don’t understand our own consciousness. Even the most complete maps of the human brain have one gaping hole – the seat of consciousness. What part of the brain is present in all conscious people but absent in all who are unconscious? What is happening when we are conscious that stops when we are unconscious?

Perhaps the reason why these questions have no answers is because we are looking in the wrong place. What about the human soul? Remember, that concept you discarded when it became unfashionable. What if it is the soul that makes us conscious, that gives us us-ness, that makes humans human?

A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion.”
Author: Francis Bacon


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