Why does the United States detain and incarcerate people?

Does anyone deserve:

Sexual abuse

Physical abuse


Denial of health care

Denial of mental health care

Restrictions on religious freedom


and Total Isolation?

Shouldn’t we run our justice system from a presumption of innocence?

Why does the presumption of innocence disappear when a person is convicted?

We know there are innocent people on Death Row.

We should always remember that the people whom the state punishes could be innocent.

Why should we have a prison industry?

Does it make sense to create incentives to imprison more and more people?

Why do we let judges take kickbacks from people who operate prisons?

Prison reform isn’t sexy.

It doesn’t sell.

It doesn’t play in Peoria.

But it is essential because we will all be held accountable for the actions of those we empower.

And while today the victims may be people who are distant from us, how can we be certain that our parents, our children, our spouses, even ourselves will not be the victims someday?

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