Patience Means More Than Just To Wait

“There is no faith without going to the edge of disbelief.” – Anonymous

Take me up to the heights
And I will look down
I’m done with responsibilities and rights
I only want oblivion

Steeped in what you call sin
Failure on every front
I will dare to question
My turn before yours

I understand the cause of pain
The burden of choice
But what really racks my brain
Is the eons of silence

Not that I need to see your face
I long for a message
In this time and place
I need you more than ever

You were too wise to set a date
But no one said it would be so long
A world of violence and hate
Cries out for a hero

Patience means more than just to wait
It requires struggle too
Challenges of the world do not abate
When one simply does nothing

You give too much away
And our story is over
Until we’re ready for that day
Preserve the mystery

I’ll never be completely sure
The battle is in the debate
This faith and love will endure
So long as you don’t let me go

(C) Asad Jaleel Enterprises 2009


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