The Hero

His entrance on to the world stage seemed more appropriate for a superhero than for a modern president. A passenger jet crashed en route to Damascus from Baghdad. He saved 144 passengers from the fiery wreckage. Because of him, there were no casualties. The funny thing is that no one recalled him being on the plane. CNN, Fox News, Al Jazeera, and the BBC all hailed him as a hero.

Curious journalists tried to dig into his past, but they came away with more questions than answers. Where did he come from? Who were his parents? He quickly became a media darling and deftly answered many queries, but became oddly reticent when asked about his past.

He had a handsome face with sharp features, strong cheekbones and an angular nose. He had a scar across his forehead that looked like a lightning bolt or a slash mark. His eyes are pistachio green with streaks of gold. He lost an eye due to a traumatic childhood injury. Doctors genetically engineered an eye for him that perfectly matches the other eye. He has curly auburn hair that goes down to his shoulders, giving him a bit of rock-star style.

His political career represented a rapid ascent to power. He ran for mayor of Damascus soon after the plane crash. Soon he was in the Syrian parliament. Within a few years, he was President of Syria. Journalists and pundits were quick to applaud him one of the most dynamic leaders in the modern history of the Middle East.

When a student at Al-Azhar University asked Sheikh Musa bin Zaytuni about him, this is what the eminent Sheikh had to say:
“How can you be so blind? Don’t you see the signs? He came on the way between Iraq and Syria. One of his eyes is artificial, so he is one-eyed. The scar on his forehead described as a slash is really an Arabic triliteral – K F R. His hair is twisted. He is a charismatic leader. He seems to perform miracles.
In Hebrew, he is called Armilus, in Arabic, Dajjal, and in English – ANTI-CHRIST. He is a plague on humanity and only the Son of Mary can defeat him.”



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