Saffron Rice (poem and video)

Saffron Rice

The days without you pass like faucet water
Down the drain in one endless circuit
Colorless, odorless, tasteless

The taste of you
Exotic and familiar
Like rice infused with saffron
Red-orange-yellow flames of color

The nearness of you
Like a static shock
On a dry winter day
That sudden jump that frightens me
And yet reminds me that I am
That I am indeed alive

You think I forget you
I would sooner lose my own name
You say that I hurt you
Then why am I in such pain?

Like two eyes
We can only cry together
Our joy as well is one
Like twin lips smiling

© Asad Jaleel Enterprises 2003

  1. #1 by snde on January 3, 2010 - 5:10 am

    A comment on ‘Safron Rice’

    Very clean poem. The metaphors and similes are beautiful. The concept of togetherness, or being of one another is summed up nicely in the final stanza. The transition of dull, passing time into an exciting emotion between the first two stanzas is executed perfectly.

    Although I’m of a few,
    Thank you for sharing.

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