Re: Former President George W. Bush

Revisiting the topic of my last post, I need to make some clarifications. First, despite the title of the post, I do not think George W. Bush is the worst president elected by any democratic nation in the annals of human history. Perhaps someday I will write a post in which I select the most awful president of all time, explaining why I find that president to be particularly odious, but that was not the purpose of the last post. Also, I know that is easy to mock our former President and I normally do not take cheap shots at sitting targets.

All I was trying to say with the last post is that I see a significant difference in the attitude toward the Constitution of President George W. Bush and the attitude of Barack H. Obama. Also, I think it is quite alarming for a U.S. President to refer to the U.S. Constitution in the insulting language that Bush allegedly used. To be fair, one should say “allegedly” because it is possible that someone misquoted him. It would serve the agenda of a certain political party to assert that he said what he allegedly said. His words may have been edited, re-cast, re-imagined, or even wholly invented by his political enemies to demean him. Also, maybe Bush said those words in a context that do not connote a complete disrespect for the Supreme Law of the Land. However, I am inclined to believe that he did, in fact, say what he allegedly said, for at least two reasons. First, within the context of a discussion of the PATRIOT Act, it seems likely that someone would raise the issue of constitutionality and it also seems likely that President Bush would denounce such a concern. Second, it is wholly consistent with the Bush presidency and the Bush persona as I understand them, to say things that are a) poorly thought out and b) deeply disturbing to people with respect for the American presidency. If any of my readers are fervent supporters of President Bush, they should feel totally comfortable disagreeing with me, and I will gladly post their opinions here.

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