Photosynthesis Song

Photosynthesis Song

The popularity of my previous post – The Nitrogen Cycle Song has convinced me that there is a big market for science-themed songs. So I’ve come up with a little ditty about photosynthesis. Enjoy!

You start with water and carbon with an oxygen pair,

You end with sugar and the oxygen of air.[1]

But the plant has two other needs you have to fill,

It has to have light and chlorophyll.

It happens in little organs called chloroplasts

And you wouldn’t believe how fast.

Plants are busy while I’m making rhymes.

In one second, one step can happen a million times.[2]

Without plants, there’d be no food chain,

Then you couldn’t power your heart and brain.

We’ve got an energy problem we need to fix,

Plants make the power people need – times six.[3]

[1] The general equation for photosynthesis is:

2n CO2 + 2n H2A + photons2(CH2O)n + n O2 + 2n A

carbon dioxide + electron donor + light energy → carbohydrate + oxygen + oxidized electron donor

[2] The third phase, the electron transport chain and ATP synthesis, takes place on the microsecond (1 microsecond (μs) = 10−6 s) to millisecond (1 millisecond (ms) = 10−3 s) time scale.

[3] The amount of energy trapped by photosynthesis is immense, approximately 100 terawatts which is about six times larger than the power consumption of human civilization.


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  1. #1 by Michael Lombardi on October 13, 2009 - 10:51 am


  2. #2 by Michael Lombardi on October 13, 2009 - 12:28 pm

    Okay, so that didn’t really add anything to the discussion. So I’ll follow up with, I think it’s great that you did a photosynthesis song. If I could freestyle, I would do science raps too. And 100 terawatts!?! That’s more than 1.21 gigawatts!

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