Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai committed election fraud. The evidence against Karzai keeps mounting.  The head of Afghanistan’s Independent Election Committee, Abdul Hadee told The Times (London) on 8/21 that fewer than 50,000 people had voted in Helmand, but changed that figure two days later to 110,000. He also said that turnout in the district of Garmsir was 20,000, compared with zero as he had claimed on 8/21. In Nawa district his estimate had risen from zero to 3,000. Mr. Hadee also said that 18,000 people had voted in Musa Qala district. He had not given an earlier estimate, but a Western official monitoring the election said that turnout in the district was only 9,000.

Karzai’s main opponent in the election, Abdullah Abdullah persuasively claims that Karzai used his power as incumbent to pull off a state-engineered fraud. According to Australia’s ABC network, “The Election Complaints Commission (ECC) has said it found ‘clear and convincing evidence’ of fraud, and gave the IEC parameters within which to detect irregularities.”

Despite promising in the election to get U.S. out of Afghanistan, President Obama is considering a request by the military to increase troop numbers. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is clearly indicating that Obama will have to fight his own party if he sends more U.S. soldiers to Afghanistan.


Why are we spending so much money, and more importantly, so much blood to prop up a political hack?



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