Fun with Cockney Rhyming Slang

If you’ve never heard the bizarre dialect known as Cockney Rhyming Slang, here’s a simple example. If someone refers to his pants as “Steve McQueens” what he means is “blue jeans.”
Another example comes from the movie “Ocean’s Eleven,” in which Don Cheadle’s character worries that the crew might be in “deep Barney.” His friends look at him puzzled until he explains that he means Barney as in “Barney Rubble,” which means trouble.
What if doctors used cockney slang to soften the blow of bad news? Here’s how it might go down. “I’m sorry Mrs. Jones, but I think you might have Elton.” Elton as in Elton John, as in Tiny Dancer, as in breast cancer.
“Mr. Smith, I think you have a bad case of the Owens.” Owen as in Owen Wilson, as in Drillbit Taylor, as in kidney failure.
“Tom, you have Emma Thompson’s disease.” Emma Thompson -> Nanny McPhee -> HIV.
Special thanks go out to Johnny Monsoon for his help on this one.


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