Con Ella (With Her) Pablo Neruda

Con Ella

Pablo Neruda

Como es duro este tiempo, espérame:

vamos a vivirlo con ganas

Dame tu pequeña mano:

vamos a subir y sufrir

vamos a sentir y saltar.

Somos de nuevo la pareja

que vivió en lugares hirsutos

en nidos ásperos de roca

Como es largo este tiempo, esperame

con una cesta, con tu pala,

con tus zapatos y tu ropa.

Ahora nos necesitamos

no sólo para los claveles,

no sólo para buscar miel:

necesitamos nuestras manos

para lavar y hacer el fuego,

y que se atreva el tiempo duro

a desafiar el infinito

de cuatro manos y cuatro ojos.

With Her

Pablo Neruda

This time is difficult. Wait for me.

We will live it out vividly.

Give me your small hand:

we will rise and suffer

we will feel, we will fly.

We are once more the pair

who lived in barbed places,

in harsh nests in the rock.

This time is difficult. Wait for me

with a basket, with your clothes,

with your shoes and a shovel.

Now we need each other,

not only for the carnations’ sake,

not only to harvest honey –

we need our hands

to wash with, to make fire.

So in this difficult time

let us face up to infinity

with four hands and four eyes.

  1. #1 by katia97 on January 26, 2009 - 9:53 pm

    Great poem! But this translation really doesn’t do it justice. I recommend the translations published in “The Essential Neruda.” Although that anthology does not have this particular poem, it has many other famous Neruda poems and all are translated by experienced translators. And if you really like Neruda, check out Red Poppy at It’s a non-profit set up to create a documentary about Neruda, publish his biography, and translate his works into English.

  2. #2 by asad123 on January 10, 2011 - 11:34 pm

    I just noticed that the translator rendered both “duro” and “largo” as “difficult.” According to Appleton-Cuyas Spanish dictionary, “duro” is “hard,” while “largo” is “long.”

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