Crisis in Gaza

Crisis in Gaza

  • First day of the Gaza crisis was the bloodiest in 40 years (BBC)
  • Over 310 killed and 1,400 injured in first two days alone
  • Hospitals not able to cope with the injuries; desperate for supplies
  • Severe shortage of food, fuel and other staple needs; majority of families rely on candles for lighting due to power blackout
  • Aid groups say current humanitarian situation in Gaza the worst in 30 years (CNN)

Islamic Relief’s Response

  • $126,000 worth of medical supplies provided to hospitals in Gaza within 48 hours of the crisis
  • Another $250,000 worth of aid to be provided in the following few days
  • A multi-million dollar emergency appeal has been launched
  • Already present office and staff in Gaza able to respond quickly

Islamic Relief in Palestine

  • In January of 2008, Islamic Relief launched a close to $10 million emergency appeal to help provide food, healthcare, and shelter in the worst affected areas. Vital aid was provided to relieve the suffering of over 500,000 people in Palestine including children, hospital patients, farmers, needy families and those affected by conflict.
  • Islamic Relief has been helping the Palestinian people since 1994, providing food aid, medical relief, small business loans, and orphan sponsorships, among other services.


  • 80% of Palestinian workers are unemployed
  • 79% of Palestinian households in the Gaza Strip are living in poverty
  • At least 1.3 million Palestinians are estimated to be food insecure


  • “The children are terrified. Adults are unable to provide them with security or warmth. Hospitals are stretched out of the limits. We need blood and medicine and surgical equipment.” – Dr. Eyad El-Sarray, Head of Gaza’s Mental Health Program (CNN, Dec. 28, 2008)


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