Read, read

A voice in the cave

Told the messenger to be brave

When he was lost in a time of doubt

God sent him guidance to find a way out


Gabriel cried out, “Read, read . .  .”

At first the messenger disagreed

Telling him he did not know

So the angel squeezed him and would not let go


Once, twice, thrice, Gabriel held him tight

The unlettered Prophet continued to fight

The angel said “Proclaim, Proclaim”

And that he must do this in his Lord’s name


After the third time, the angel told him what to say

The shaken messenger did obey

Not knowing what had just occurred

He wondered if his vision was absurd.


He went to his devoted wife

Beloved Khadija, the light of his life

Frightened and shaking, he spoke

Asking her to wrap him in a cloak


While some women would have been abhorred,

She spoke of a Lord 

That would never leave him

She spoke of how all men believed him

He looked after the aged and the tender youth

In every instance, he would tell the truth.

With gentleness, not a bit of wrath

She showed him that this new faith was his path.


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  1. #1 by Exquisite on September 5, 2008 - 6:16 am

    Very beautiful and well-crafted!

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