Conversation about The Dark Knight Part 2

Here is the thrilling conclusion you’ve all been salivating for.

Part 2

Kamran: yep

Saud: he’s not the one dimensional villains of the past too


[ I would recommend this Wikipedia article to anyone who wants to understand not only the Joker, but postmodern pop culture as a whole.]

Saud: he’s isn’t just bad, kill, blow up maim

Kamran: thats the joker right there

9:22 PM Saud: there’s a method to his madness

Kamran: remember when he goes

Saud: exactly

Kamran: im like a dog chasing cars

Saud: lol

Kamran: i dont know what ill do if i catch one

Saud: best line

Kamran: i dont plan, i just do stuff

Saud: cracked me up

heath delivered that soo damn well

[The Joker is not just a mindless killer. He plots and schemes. In many ways, he is a foil to Batman. They both have brilliant minds. They both have huge financial resources – the Joker, through bank-robbing, and Batman, through Wayne Industries.]

Kamran: the other thing about batman

is that even in his alter ego

Saud: honestly man, the fact he created a joker like that… no wonder he went nuts. [Quite a few observers have suggested the same idea that Saud does here. Jack Nicholson, who portrayed the Joker in the 1989 Batman movie, claims he warned Ledger about the role. See: Ledger said he was sleeping only two hours a night while playing a psychopath.]

Kamran: he has to put on a false facade

9:23 PM just to blend in with people

Saud: the one youd like to be


Kamran: so he has to fake live the billionaire lifestyle

Saud: so you can have your 4 i mean wives around you

Kamran: it reminded me of the sufis that used to pretend to be rich by putting golden ornaments outside their homes and doorways

Saud: oh yeah

this is very true

Kamran: to make people think they were rich like them, to blend in, but inside their homes, they were secretly poor and zahids

Saud: i rememeber reading about that

and they would be cursed, but they knew the truth

9:24 PM Kamran: batman walking around at night to defend his city

is like Umar (r) walking around at night looking to help people

the similarities like this are so uncanny between batman and the muslims

Saud: hah, there’s a reason why I’ve always been a huge fan. 🙂

Kamran: brb

9:25 PM Saud: np

[I was unaware of Sufis decorating their homes with golden ornaments. I am also unfamiliar with the term “zahid” but I have heard the Arabic names “Zahid” and “Zahida.” Behind the Name tells me that those names mean “devout.” I am guessing that a zahid is a devout Muslim. As for the reference to Umar (R), there is a well-known story of the second Caliph secretly touring his capital city at night to better understand the people. ]


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  1. #1 by Saud on August 10, 2008 - 4:20 am

    [ oops, I commented on the wrong post earlier. my bad]

    Awesome posts! 🙂

    Actually, when I was referring to Joker’s past, it was in the context of the movie. He talks about his father, then his wife, all as stories as how he got his scars. Clearly, they were all BS stories. His calling card before he kills.

    In the comics, I agree, there is an insinuation as to his past. The red hood story, or him being a failed comedian. But there is a caveat, especially in Alan Moore’s Killing Joke. In the end, Joker says I’m sure I have a past, but I like to keep it multiple choice.

    Personally, I’m really digging Nolan’s take on the Joker, with his “past” and his make up versus bleached joker. Reminds me of what an “ultimate universe” Joker could be like (i.e. the Ultimate line of Marvel Comics, a re imagination of the current mainstream line.).

  2. #2 by gulsy1123 on September 1, 2008 - 7:03 am

    Haha, extremely interesting discussion you’ve got here… and I’m leaving a comment to let you know that zahid means an ascetic person, someone who lives an extremely simple life and for whom the dunya means literally nothing.

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