Cheap Ice Cream

ice cream

 I went to Baskin Robbins today to get a 31-cent scoop of ice cream. You may have heard about this from Facebook. If you’re reading this before 10 pm on April 30th , you may still be able to get some. At first I went to an ice cream parlor on Naper Boulevard and 75th Street, close to where I live. But when I got there, I took a look at the sign and it read “Kaleidoscoops.” A year or two earlier this particular parlor switched from Baskin Robbins to another company called Kaleidoscoops. It’s not bad, but it’s not Baskin Robbins. So I went home, got online and looked for a local Baskin Robbins location. The closest one was a little over five miles away and I had never been there before.


At the store, the line was huge. There were about fifteen people in line ahead of me. It was like a Soviet bread queue. I had plenty of time to consider my flavor choice. I also decided that while I was there I would pick up a quart of pre-packed ice cream so I wouldn’t be a total freeloader. I felt like something fruity so I got a scoop of Strawberry Cheesecake. For the quart I went with a classic favorite, Cookies n’ Cream with real Oreos.


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